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Captain Salomaa kirje

Captain Salomaan VFR Saturday -kirje

Dear fellow aviators,

Few years ago we had a great fly-in in Helsinki-Malmi Airport (EFHF) and the landing pattern was full most of the time during the event. That specific fly-in was a great success and the video became a legend immediately. Now I’m back on tarmac at Malmi I’m and ready to launch a tremendous fly-in to celebrate VFR flying in Finland. Like last time, I have now teamed up with Malmi Aviation Club and with help from IVAO Finland we are going to orginize this epic event and magnificent possibility for you to learn VFR procedures and to experience enjoyable VFR flying. I give you VFR Saturday.

Photo: Tuomas Kuosmanen

Photo: Tuomas Kuosmanen

One of the main goals of VFR Saturday -fly-in is to provide safe first steps into IVAO network for beginners and also meanwhile provide tingling exciting routes and lots of flying fun to more experienced aviators. Also, to encourage pilots to fly these routes, I have developed scoring system to find out the most keen VFR pilots.

During next months we are going to provide high quality ATC and splendid routes for our special VFR event. VFR Saturday -event is held on every months first Saturday between 13-16. To ensure that beginners can also enjoy of this great event, I will provide lots of information and tutorials for flying these routes. Please, do study all the guides and ask if there’s something that you are unsure of. One of my personal goals is to answer all questions related to VFR flying in this special event.

You can get all the required material from this event website.

Best regards,
Captain Salomaa
The official benefactor of the VFR Saturday -event