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Project Mauritius

From Helsinki-Malmi to Mauritius. With a Cessna 172!

The Progress

Project Mauritius is currently taking a break due to hardware and software repairs of both OH-SIM and OH-TWN simulator.

>> See flight planning and progress in Google Docs
>> See the whole route in Google Maps
– Short url to whole route in Google Maps: http://bit.ly/4rLm86
>> See the whole route in Great Circle Mapper

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Mauritius?

We fly a Cessna 172 simulator from Helsinki-Malmi Airport (EFHF) to Mauritius (FIRM). That’s about 6200 nautical miles and flying there takes more than 56 hours. We plan to fly this route with 33 legs, average distance between two airports is 188 nautical miles.

Actually the main island of Mauritius (FIMP) is the destination of our 32nd leg, but we wanted to take one more leg and head to Plane Corail (FIMR) which is our final destination.

What is OH-SIM?

OH-SIM is the Cessna 172 simulator, which is built and operated by Malmi Aviation Club located in Helsinki-Malmi Airport, Finland. Read more about our simulator here.